Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sick Days

So I got sick on Wednesday on the way home from work. All of a sudden I was dizzy and uncomfortable. And I had a fever and a cough by the time I was home. I continued to feel worse and add symptoms over the next 24 hours. I stayed home until Friday morning when I went to the doctor. And I got a flu test. And now I'm not allowed to leave the apartment or have guests over until the results come back. So hopefully it's negative. Especially since now Josh is sick. He's been so good to me, and now he's sick. So I gave him meds to deal with the cough and the fever and sent him to bed. Hopefully he feels better soon.

Meanwhile, my fever seems to have broken as of today. :)

I don't get sick often. Actually, the last time I had a temperature over 99 was probably more than a decade ago. And I don't remember being sick much as a kid.

Also of interest: my amazing dad turned 60 on Thursday, and my beautiful mom's birthday is tomorrow (she calls it her un-birthday).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Youth Group

Josh and I have begun volunteering at the youth group at our church. We haven't split the group into middle school and high school yet because there haven't been enough older kids yet (there are 3 I think from They only have two leaders right now, and sometimes only one can make it. So we are sorely needed just to have a couple more sets of hands and eyes. So far it's been really interesting.

Josh has already been able to help deal with the rowdy boys: they can't stop talking but they do participate and seem to want to talk about everything. They also ask a lot of questions. They're a handful but they're also a lot of fun. I'm starting to memorize names (I have 5 memorized so far). They are really growing on me and I looked forward to seeing them all day yesterday.

I've been doing recon on the girls. They have a lack of interest and don't want to be involved at all. Last night they all said they didn't want to play the game outside with the boys. The only thing I could think of was "Whoever doesn't play gets to sit and talk to me for the duration of the game." I don't know if that's what got them to play, but they all played. I had work clothes on, so I was a referee/boundary person for the game. Next week I need to make sure that I have sneakers and stuff to run around in. Because I think I've realized that I have to get engaged myself and encourage the girls from that standpoint.

I also think I need to separate the girls from the boys for a little bit. I'm thinking one night we should split them and lead them separately. That way, the girls can't avoid paying attention and answering and such. I'm going to draw them out. I'm also going to help teach them about respect.

I get the feeling that Josh and I may be leading a group on our own before too much longer, since we're going to split the group into two groups soon. I think it'll be interesting.

Over the weekend, my friends and I also went to NYC for lunch and the Forbes Museum. Despite the rain, it was nice to get out of the usual weekend and do something different and fun. I didn't take any pictures, but perhaps next time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Birthday surprise

I have pulled off one of the best surprises ever with the help of friends. My beautiful friend's birthday was yesterday. She's been feeling really down lately missing her best friend who lives out of state (although she's planning to move here later this summer). So we secretly flew in her friend (who is also friends with us) on Thursday night. We had planned to go over and bring dinner. We picked up presents on the way as well so that we could present them and make it all work perfectly. And it all went off without a hitch. She had no idea and the look on her face was priceless. I'm so proud of my friends - it was a group effort to make this possible and we got to make an amazing person feel exceptionally special. Which she is. :)

That's about all that's going on here. I've been tied up in business trips and working out logistics for my friend's birthday. Tonight we're going to rent Night at the Museum and then head out to the theatre to see Battle for the Smithsonian. I'm pretty excited about it. And church tomorrow. And all of this can be done with our lovely friend who's in town for the weekend, making it sweeter all around.

Monday, June 1, 2009

This last weekend was particularly hard for me. Friday morning my maternal grandmother's sister died. Aunt Millie was an amazing person, and I wish I had gotten more time with her. And more time for Josh to get to know her. God blessed us with the chance to visit her in early March when I had a business trip in her tiny little town. I'm so glad he was able to meet the person who came up with the peanut butter fudge recipe that we both love and Josh has memorized. I'm glad that she was healthy enough that we both remember her as spunky. I'm glad that her death was quick and that she didn't suffer much.

I didn't know her as well as I would have liked. I actually had just begun to talk to her on the phone every few months and let her get to know the adult I grew into instead of the child I was. I am exceptionally disappointed that I was not able to go to the viewing or funeral due to a business trip (we couldn't move it since it was already the weekend when I got the dates and times for the viewing and funeral). I am, however, glad that my mother was able to make the trip out and say her goodbyes. She really needed it.

Yesterday was also the 10-year anniversary of my cousin's sudden and accidental death. He was eight years older than me and lived several states away, so I didn't know him that well. It still grieves me that I will never get to know him better. I still cherish the memories I am fortunate enough to have of him.

Needless to say, this business trip to Ohio has been hard on me. I'm attempting to make up for it by doing all kinds of awesome things. I finished up work a little early and went to an aquarium in Kentucky. And tomorrow afternoon after putting in some hours from the hotel, I plan to visit COSI. And then I return home. I had a good time this afternoon and hope that tomorrow will be at least as fun.

But when it comes down to it, I wish for nothing more than the chance to be with my family. I will likely spend a bit of time with my grandparents this week. I know my grandmother needs me. And I need her.