Thursday, March 5, 2009

I had a business trip this week out toward Josh's and my families, so we decided to both go and spend the weekend with Josh's cousin and his family. They are so much fun. We played with the girls and helped comfort the younger one since she was feeling sick - at least her fever broke the first night we were there. During their nap times, we played Magic and Yatzee. It's been so much fun.

Monday night we visited my family and then we got sick with nasty head colds. I've been working, but Josh has had a chance to rest in the hotel during the day. He is starting to feel better. Hopefully I will too. If I don't feel better by Saturday, Josh may get a crash course in driving manual so he can drive my car at least part way. We've been taking it easy the past couple nights in hopes that I'll get some rest. My great aunt is hoping that I'll spend the evening with her tomorrow, so I'm going to try to make it out to see her again. I really want to make dinner for her, to treat her to something nice. So I'm praying I'll feel better by then.

For Lent I'm trying to get back into really reading the Bible every day again. I've been slacking lately, and now is the perfect time to dedicate myself to it again. I've slowly been reading through the entire Bible cover to cover and I decided to start where I left off: Job. I'm really proud of myself for deciding on this promise because it's something that will help me grow tremendously as I continue to study the Word.