Saturday, August 22, 2009

Log Cabins

Okay, so my boyfriend does not live in a log cabin. But a lot of it is wood and it's absolutely amazing. I have not slept so well in the past 18 months as I did in this place last night. I even slept through a major thunderstorm where we lost power not once once, but twice. It's certainly the first time in the past 18 months that I've slept through the night without medication.

We decided that because I live two hours away from my client site and Josh is only an hour away it would be good to spend yesterday and today with him and his dad. So yesterday after work I drove up and then we went grocery shopping to make dinner. We decided to try something new: black beans, yams, and tomatoes in a tortilla. It turned out pretty well (especially when we added venison and onions to it today - yum!) and I'll probably make it again with some modifications. We also made chocolate chip cookies today, and oh my goodness they were delicious.

And then we watched The Hunt for Red October. It was pretty awesome. We also watched Clear and Present Danger. So it was kind of like a Tom Clancy movie weekend. I think I need to read his books. I really like the movies based on his novels.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Josh and another couple to carpool to church together and then have lunch. And then we're going to a movie with another friend. I think this is the beginning of a tradition to lunch together for free (we pack lunch so we can either eat at someone's house or we picnic) after church. I love the idea of having time with friends after church. It's really quite awesome to be able to have that kind of time together with everyone.

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